Take Notes is a book written with young people, ages 13-18 in mind. The basis of the book is to encourage our young people to read and write more often. We have a collective vision to want our young people to take notes. Not only do we want them to take notes but to write learn from their mistakes. It is a short message delivered by Bruce Davis, writing on entrepreneurship, ownership and how to market your great qualities. This book is more than a journal, it’s your journey, so TAKE NOTES and then go home to read what you have written. The Crux of the matter is for you to realize that life is a journey that you should accept and appreciate early; take notes so that you can learn from your mistakes and other people’s mistakes in life. TAKE NOTES so that you can learn from the wisdom of others. Your life may depend on it! So, we want you to take notes, read what you have written. Taking notes is like doing homework; doing homework is preparing you for a test; and the test later in life. Your life depends on you taking notes. So, why aren't you writing, yet?

5 Points to Successful
 Youth Writing & Publishing

                       1. Read
                       2. Write
                       3. Build
                 4. Ownership 
                    5. Market